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Thanks for klicking our Homepage and showing interest in the Bamberg Rugby Club. We are sorry that we can not provide all the information in English, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us an email ( or contact us at Facebook ( If you are interested in our trainings please check out our training hours at „Training“. We are always happy to have experienced players from rugby nations as well as beginners, both women and men, from all over the world joining us so we can share our passion for this amazing sport. We already have some Irishmen and U.S. American playing with us. So see you soon!


Salut !

Merci d’avoir cliqué sur notre site et pour ton intérêt porté pour le Bamberg Rugby Club. Si toutes les informations du site ne sont malheureusement pas traduites en français, n’hésite pas à nous envoyer un email ( ou à nous contacter sur notre page Facebook ( si tu as des questions : nous serons ravis d’y répondre ! Si tu as envie de participer aux entrainements, toutes les informations se trouvent dans la section « Training ». Nous sommes toujours heureux d’accueillir des joueurs expérimentés d’une grande nation du rugby, tout comme des débutants du monde entier, femmes et hommes, qui nous rejoignent pour partager cette passion commune pour ce sport exceptionnel ! Nous avons déjà eu des Français et Françaises chez nous. Alors, à bientôt !



Coming soon! 😉

And thanks for visting our homepage again! People from more than 41 nations have been on our homepage so far!

Apparently we are not only followed by German players and fans of the proud Rugby sport. According to our statistics (please find a map below) people from all over the world regulary keep klicking our homepage and keep themselves informed about the University of Bamberg Rugby Club. For your interest and support we would like to thank everybody! If you consider to play us, do not hesitate to contact our coaches!

Stay tuned and all the best for you ruggers all over the world!



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